We are Howl Brewing


Howl Brewing is an independently owned and operated pico brewery, located in North Saanich,BC. We opened in June 2018, although the project was in the works for a couple years. Our focus is small batch high quality craft beer made from BC grown ingredients. Our ever changing menu is often dictated by what is available locally. Being a small brewery, customers can look forward to trying beer styles that are obsolete, beer that showcases local farms, traditional styles, as well as learn about beer from the staff. Join us on the adventure! 





  • merry windsor purl ale 30 ibu, 6% ABV -sold out

    will be serving at Great Canadian beer festival

An historic English ale from the 1600-1800s drank by labourers in early morning hours. Made with wormwood, horseradish, juniper berries, ginger and much more.

  • blueberry pilsner 30 ibu 4.4%

A light, dry Pilsner made with Citra hops, Lemon Drop hops, and BC grown blueberries.

  • reishi mushroom and hibiscus lager 10 ibu, 5%

A light and refreshing, hopless lager made with Reishi(Lingzhi) mushrooms and Hibiscus flowers.

  • dunkel lager 30 ibu, 5%

A German style brown lager brewed with Munich malt.

  • Vienna Lager 25 IBU, 5%

An Austrian amber lager with smooth maltiness and mild hop bitterness

  • summer session ipA 55 IBU, 4.8%

An easy drinking summer IPA bittered with Amarillo hops and finished with a heavy addition of El Dorado, Mosaic and Citra hops.

  • Cherry plum ale 20 ibu, 6%

    A delicious Ale made with local plums and cherries.

  • blackberry lavender saison 18 ibu, 6%

    A Belgian style Saison with locally grown blackberries and lavender.

  • black & blue tepeche radler, stone fruit tepeche radler and blueberry tepeche radler

    A Mexican style fermented pineapple and ginger blended with 3 of our beer styles.


Picnic Area Now Open

We’ve opened up our outdoor sitting area for the summer. Stop by and check it out today